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Our lovely Marmot tent

Our lovely Marmot tent

Who would have thought that I could love a tent as much as I do? Our  Marmot Halo 6 person tent has been used for several years now, and it very quickly became our favorite. We have used several other name brand tents in the past, but there has always something that broke easily or was inconvenient about them. This tent has been amazing.  The poles are STRONG. There are tabs on the corners that are color coded, allowing  you to put the rain cover on corrctly the first time. Vey easy to assemble overall. A couple of years ago, our then 8 & 6 year old daughters put it up on their own.  That’s how easy it is. 

We now use this tent as our sole car camping tent.  There isnt any reason to have any other. It just works so very well for us! We have actually been considering purchasing a couple of smaller backpacking tents made by Marmot for our family in the future as well- for we will be hiking Glacier Nat. Park this fall, and we  have many multi-day mountain hikes within’ 30 minutes of our home that we hope to hit sometime this season as well. While this tent can be split up between members of your hiking crew and packed into back country spots, it really is far too heavy to do this on your own if you plan on taking one trip. It was intended as a car camping tent- and that is where it shines. 

    If you have a family of 6, This tent has ample room. We gave a family of 5, and feel if we had a couple of friends come along , we would still sleep very comfortably in this tent. With the overhead Halo system, this tent has ample headspace.   Ontop of the ample headroom and sleeping space, this tent also offers 2 spacious vestibules off of each door that serves as a great place to store gear, packs, shoes, etc. If you’re camping in bear country, always be sure to store your food and even dirty clothing at least 150-200 ft from camp, at least 10 ft up in a tree or food storage area.  While you may be tempted to place coolers of food underneath the vestibules- please do not do this.  Keep yourself, your family and the bears safe from unnecessary interactions and store your food properly.   

Happy Camping!

Dashing through the snow, in a one dog open sleigh..

Dashing through the snow, in a one dog open sleigh..

They’ve waited through manufacturing, failed attempts to go out and pick it up due to snowstorms- additional time it took for the manufacturers to tear it back down, box it up and ship it here  when it seemed like we’d never find our window in this weather- but wait is over.  The kids finally have their dog sled.

It’s quite the learning process for all involved (including mom & dad), but they have had a blast getting their first dog trained up enough to pull them around.  They’re having a blast- and getting better at running the dog on their own without help.  They have another dog that’s training as well that is young yet- so we’re waiting for him to mature some more before he can run with them.

This has become quite the adventure for the entire family.  The kids already have big dreams of getting their own sleds and teams of their own so they can all run together.  Sounds like a plan to me.







Autumn gold

Autumn gold

Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  I love when the first dips in temperature comes,  turning the leaves brilliant reds, orange and yellows. The crisp north winds hits your face, hinting at winter which waits patiently just around the corner. When we’re out for a walk and see the animals hurry about getting their last stores in before snowfall- it is a great reminder to start doing so for ourselves. This is the time of year we start collecting firewood, preserving food, sippin’ hot chocolate- and the last of the years bonfires slowly pass us by.

Our first fall in North Idaho is proving to be nothing short of spectacular.    We have already discovered a few new fall favorites.   The ice cold mountain creeks fill to the brim with the first fall rains- where kokanee salmon were spawning within’ them just a few short weeks ago.      The tamarack trees turn to beautiful Autumn gold among the evergreen hillsides- and you can’t help but smile at how they pop up more and more as the season progresses.   So thankful to God for allowing us to live here.



Our adventure begins.

Our adventure begins.

20161011_174351   I bugged my husband off and on throughout the last 10 years to go to Idaho with me- just for a visit.   Getting him to agree to it was the easy part. Getting him to actually COMMIT to it was something entirely different.  😉

After years and years of hinting, mentioning, and downright begging him to consider visiting Idaho- he surprised me with a quick trip to Idaho 2 years ago.  We had our van packed up to the brim to head out to our cabin in Northern Wisconsin- and then he headed West. He made a spur of the moment decision to go to Idaho instead of our family property up near Lake Superior..  We were finally headed towards Idaho!   I did make him turn around to drop off some of the huge unnecessary things I had brought along to leave up at the cabin-   hoses, lawn mower, water filters- That sort of stuff. After the quick U-Turn to get rid of all of that, we were on our way.

My husband came out with no intentions of actually moving here, but he did look around and found a couple of places that were hiring. We drove around Coeur D’Alene, Post Falls, Up through Sandpoint, Ponderay, Bonners Ferry-  then headed East through northern Montana towards Glacier National Park for a quick visit before heading home.

 It was incredible.   I was so excited he finally got to see a bit of Idaho.. I got to visit some new places myself, and fell in love with one area in particular.

We took another trip for an interview after a long, drawn out background check with a department there in CDA. After waiting 4 months- and thinking about it for a long time,   he decided that it was best if he pulled his application from the hiring process. He wasn’t impressed with the way they were handling things- and didn’t want to start out life in Idaho with a crappy employer.

A few months later,  a job in the same area we fell in love with popped up for what he was currently doing in Minnesota- and he put in the application on the last day they were accepting them.  I don’t need to get into details- but we prayed on it, and it just seemed like it was  meant to be.  We took another trip very shortly after for an interview with this place- and we made preparations for our move the day we arrived back home.  He was given the job offer when we were on our way back home- we moved here after about 6  weeks of preparations- and we’ve been here now for 5 months.  We couldn’t be happier.

It was quite the adventure in itself finding a place to rent…  We actually lived in hotels or our van for 2 weeks before we found a place..  We did get into a tiny little place that allowed us to keep our pets- and that was incredible.  It’s close to impossible to find a rental here at the time of year we came- even more incredible that they were pet friendly. God is good.

We’ve been on many incredible hikes and mini adventures in the short time we’ve been here.  We still feel like it’s a dream, and that any day now we’ll have to pack our bags and head back to our old life in Minnesota.  I wonder if that feeling will ever go away?  I’ll be happy when I can lose this crazy anxiety about having to “go home” and leave this incredible vacation we’re on. We’re here to stay.  My brain hasn’t grasped that idea yet.
As a team, we’ll be using this blog here as a journal of sorts- a way to document our life here in Idaho as well as our travels.  If you happen to find yourself reading here, I hope you’re able to enjoy our journey as well.


Glory to God in all things,