About Us..

About Us..


You want to know about us?  Well, you’ll have to excuse us for NOT writing a book in our “about us” section.   We are a husband and wife team, parents to 3 amazing children.

We love trying to capture photos of the beauty God has provided us here in Idaho-but also of our journeys elsewhere in the US.

We’re northern folk that enjoy the cold, don’t care a whole lot for heat. We love snow, it’s beauty & the challenges it can sometimes bring.

Try to raise our own food when able, and love to learn more to help our family be self sufficient.

We hunt. We  fish. We hike. We give glory to God in all things.

Follow as we share our adventure that is life- in our lovely Idahome, somewhere Too Far North.

Thank you for joining us,

Mr. & Mrs. TFN