A nod to the ol’ timers

A nod to the ol’ timers

I was on a walk around our little town awhile back and it made me wonder.

How many of us appreciate the trades men and women (got to keep it politically correct….) of yesteryears? Our downtown was built before most of us were born. Segments of an old bridge are still there to admire, an old generator on display on the north west side of city hall.

I invite you to tour your town with a new set of eyes. Not to just look at old stuff, but to think about the countless and nameless trades men and women who built and operated these things. The brick layers, carpenters, steel workers, mechanics, concrete workers, electricians, road workers, loggers and anyone else I am forgetting to mention. They deserve remembering more than the normal people we hold up, because without those tradesmen, NOTHING would get done.

Then think about the trades men and women of today. They keep the cogs of the machine we call society turning. Appreciate what they do. Take a breath, look up from the task at hand and appreciate what has been done for you and continues to be done for you by those nameless tradesmen. Heck! Maybe if you feel so inclined don’t let them be nameless! Thank them….. go to your local museum and look at old photos and see if you can identify people for them!


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