The Idahoan

The Idahoan

(Tips for the prospective Idahoan.)

For you the prospective Idahoan. We already covered the Idahoan’s staple food. The Huckleberry. Now let’s cover the actual Idahoan itself.

We already know, generally speaking, that the Idahoan is a blunt, kind, and a patriotic critter. What you may not know about the Idahoan, it is perplexing, is that they are never happy yet full of joy.

Now the Idahoan is constantly changing their minds. You will hear them complain….. A LOT! So these two things go together to form the perpetually unhappy Idahoan. An example of this was my first year living in Idaho amongst the Idahoan. I heard Idahoans complain about the amount of mosquitos (just so you are aware…. there aren’t any). To prove the point I had a co-worker show me the one welt on their ankle as proof of the quantity and viciousness of their “mossquitos”.

I heard Idahoans complain about the cold in the winter (southerners will find this complaint valid, Alaskans and Midwesterners will laugh). Then, when it warms up they will complain about the heat. The thing you have to realize is that the heat here is a dry heat. Meaning you can go in the shade and it gets cooler! (If you happened to be near a midwesterner or southeasterner, look at the disbelief in their face…… cooler in the shade pppffffffft!) In the spring the Idahoan will complain about the amount of rain and clouds they are getting. Then when it is dry and cloudless you will hear them wishing for rain.

Then comes they other half of the Idahoan. Strangely full of joy. If you heard an Idahoan during a complaint phase you may think they are a supremely unhappy person. But as stated above they can be perplexing. Because, the Idahoan, in general, will put their complaints, ailments, injuries and problems aside to help you. They will smile and be genuinely happy to help.

The Idahoan, although they can complain is also supremely happy with where they live. If they have moved (even within the state) it was due to work, health, or family. The choice to move away was not made lightly. An Idahoan away from Idahome is definitely scheming to get back.

They are also able to enjoy the different things they complain about…. Heat? Let’s go swimming! More snow than the winter of ’96 (apparently it was legendary)? Let’s snowboard, ski, snowmobiling etc! An Idahoan will let you know what they think of the situation (complain), but then they will help you figure out how to make the best of it.

So! If you haven’t had the pleasure of conversing with an Idahoan….. go out and find one! Grab a coffee with them, Speak to them, Kindness will follow!


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