We killed all of them?

We killed all of them?

Bees are truly incredible creatures! As you may have read in my wife’s post earlier, our bees were doomed.
It was sad. Our package starving, likely with bee dysentary, a third dead. Then the weather was against them. Cold and raining for a week! 

We were like new parents. Sure that everything we did was wrong, that we had doomed these little critters! Then, we fearfully checked the hive. They were clustered. Barely any syrup consumed. In our minds….. goners. 

I was continually harassing a master beekeeper at honeybeesuite.com Rusty was always helpful and her blog super informative! Go say hi and fill you brain with beeknowledge. Rusty is a straight forward lady with a love for bees and words…

Yesterday we exited the aparant nuclear winter! It was sunny and 70+ degrees! You know what miraculous thing was happening? Bees! Buzzing around, flying away from the hive as others returned. Some even had bits of pollen on their little legs!

The streaks are bee poop from the dysentary

We did another hive inspection. We have a top bar style hive. Why? Just ‘cuz. Anyway, bar # 1….. NOTHING. Not even a bee! Hmmm. Bar #2 & #3 same. Then #4!  Had bees and a little chunk of comb! I was so excited. (Which for me meant I smiled.)

#3 with the baby comb!

As we went on we found a “huge” drawn comb! It was amazing! They built this on their own, they were filling it with nectar and pollen. Against all odds (in our minds) these little critters were making a home. Amazing! 

There is nectar!

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