Our lovely Marmot tent

Our lovely Marmot tent

Who would have thought that I could love a tent as much as I do? Our  Marmot Halo 6 person tent has been used for several years now, and it very quickly became our favorite. We have used several other name brand tents in the past, but there has always something that broke easily or was inconvenient about them. This tent has been amazing.  The poles are STRONG. There are tabs on the corners that are color coded, allowing  you to put the rain cover on corrctly the first time. Vey easy to assemble overall. A couple of years ago, our then 8 & 6 year old daughters put it up on their own.  That’s how easy it is. 

We now use this tent as our sole car camping tent.  There isnt any reason to have any other. It just works so very well for us! We have actually been considering purchasing a couple of smaller backpacking tents made by Marmot for our family in the future as well- for we will be hiking Glacier Nat. Park this fall, and we  have many multi-day mountain hikes within’ 30 minutes of our home that we hope to hit sometime this season as well. While this tent can be split up between members of your hiking crew and packed into back country spots, it really is far too heavy to do this on your own if you plan on taking one trip. It was intended as a car camping tent- and that is where it shines. 

    If you have a family of 6, This tent has ample room. We gave a family of 5, and feel if we had a couple of friends come along , we would still sleep very comfortably in this tent. With the overhead Halo system, this tent has ample headspace.   Ontop of the ample headroom and sleeping space, this tent also offers 2 spacious vestibules off of each door that serves as a great place to store gear, packs, shoes, etc. If you’re camping in bear country, always be sure to store your food and even dirty clothing at least 150-200 ft from camp, at least 10 ft up in a tree or food storage area.  While you may be tempted to place coolers of food underneath the vestibules- please do not do this.  Keep yourself, your family and the bears safe from unnecessary interactions and store your food properly.   

Happy Camping!

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