GSI Outdoors camp dishes for everyone! 

GSI Outdoors camp dishes for everyone! 

We recently put a post up on Facebook stating that we would be replacing all of our stoneware with enameled steel camp dishes. I bet some people probably thought we were joking,  but I was serious. I have bought 2 different sets of nice stoneware dishes… and we have destroyed all of them. I have 6 settings left from my last collection that have gotten by with only minor chipping. When you consider I started out with 12 sets, it’s easy to see why I’d try and save what we have before they all disappear. We have succeeded in destroying half of our dishes in less than 3 years. For those of you that can go their entire lives with the same set of dishes and then pass them on to your offspring- I commend you. That is an amazing feat.   The worst part of it all, is this is my second set that we have purchased and destroyed. Not the same brand or design.. but they were both stoneware.   Apparently stoneware wasn’t designed to play Frisbee with. Who knew?   They just don’t work for our family. I know there are other options out there, including Corelle- but I think these camp dishes will probably work best for our needs. Now we can bring half of the kitchen with us when we go camping now, too!

Looking forward to seeing how these will hold up for our rowdy bunch.

Since I bought both a table setting and the Pioneer camp set, we now have a kettle, little frying pan and a cooking pot that we will probably use exclusively for when we go camping. The camping season is right around the corner- we can’t wait!

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